The vanilla waffle PIERRE HERME, the best morning snack in Paris?


2 GrumThe vanilla waffle Pierre Herme is quite something. The French pastry chef not only makes incredible macarons, with refreshing flavors combinations, but the vanilla waffle is another feat. I’m a big fan of vanilla wafers, the ones you can find in supermarkets (notice that we don’t go every day at Pierre Herme for our afternoon snack), so it was impossible to resist when I saw the waffle wrapped in a plastic packaging at Pierre Herme.
It combines the traditional gaufre design with pastry old-fashioned methods. Pierre Herme vanilla waffle is composed of an intense vanilla cream sandwiched by two oval shaped waffles. We loved the old-fashioned checkerboard pattern, not so much the Pierre Herme crest. The texture of the vanilla cream was perfect, very smooth but at the same time we could feel the sugar grains on our tongue.

alt="waffle pierre herme"

I was more than happy to plunk down €2.80 for a single gaufre. It’s a bit pricey but it’s not like we’re stopping by Pierre Herme everyday.
Next time you pass by Paris, we know you’ll get a few boxes of macarons at Pierre Herme, but please, don’t forget to give a try to the vanilla waffles too.
If you want to know more about the waffle Pierre Herme, the locations of the stores and the hours of opening, click here.

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