1 GrumFrench Chef Christian Constant must be a secret admirer of Man Ray as he probably named his Parisian restaurant, le Violon d’Ingres, after the masterpiece photograph made by the great American artist.
Located in the heart of Paris, le Violon d’Ingres should be on your to do list in the city of lights. This Michelin starred restaurant is pretty good, event though it is not worth all the hype since the recent departure of the Chef appointed by Mr Constant. The quality of the meal has dipped, yet prices on the menu are still quite steep. Staff is very warm and professional.

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We started off with some salmon spread and olive oil toasts as an amuse-bouche. The salmon spread was very fresh and there was no greasy feeling.

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Scallops with coriander and orange endives. The scallops must have stayed a bit too long on the skillet as they were slightly overcooked to my taste.
But I did not keep a grudge against them: they paired very well with the braised endives and their citrusy sauce.

alt="Le Violon d'Ingres Saint Jacques"My pal went with the pollock fillet, porcini and perfectly cooked small potatoes. Too bad the fish was a bit dry because the sides are stunning.

alt="Le Violon d'Ingres fish"

Especially impressive and striking at the Violon d’Ingres were all of the desserts.
The one thing you don’t want to miss on the dessert menu is the “Constant” version of millefeuille. It was wonderfully crisp and the cream was light and delicious.When it came to our table, we got a glimpse of Christian Constant, very welcoming, and surprisingly enough without his apron – well his business is no longer in the kitchen.

alt="Constant millefeuille"We also ordered a delicious Grand Marnier souffle: light and fluffy yet so creamy. The caramel sauce poured on top was amazingly flavourful too.

alt="Violon d'Ingres soufflé"

All in all, it was a pretty solid meal at the Violon d’Ingres though we still have a bitter after taste thinking about the poor cooking of the fish and the scallops. Restaurants never want to mess up with main dishes, especially at such a price. It’s a Parisian classic, yet Grumeau thinks it no longer deserves its Michelin star.
More information about Le Violon d’Ingres and the other restaurants of Maison Constant here.

135 Rue Saint-Dominique
75007 Paris
+33 (0)1 45 55 15 05

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