Vinegar Hill House pancake, here is the beast


2 GrumVinegar Hill is one of the most hip neighborhoods of Downtown Brooklyn. It’s less busy and touristy than Dumbo, and the atmosphere is really charming, thanks to the cobble streets and the colorful townhouses.  We stopped by Vinegar Hill House for brunch last weekend, and it turned out to be a place where (real) locals get their daily fix of good food.

Vinegar Hill House pancake is very different from the traditional American style crepes that you can find everywhere. There’s only one in the plate actually, but God, look how big it is!

There are small chunks of strawberries inside the dough, which explains well why it is more raw and moist inside. On the outside, the pancake is slighlty caramelized, almost burnt to be honest. Quite an experience, not the best pancake I’ve ever had but it was still quite excellent.

The rest of the menu is super simple and not overly creative: granola, eggs Benedict, pancakes, etc. But don’t be disappointed, everything is super fresh and more sophisticated than it seems.

I had the basil and pistacchio pesto omelet. I spent ten seconds looking at the plate and wondering where the promised pesto could be, until I found out the omelett was actually filled with it. The combination of basil and baked eggs was a hit, the pesto gave a nice tangy twist to the whole thing.


The eggs Benedict are even better, probably the best I’ve ever had. Every single item is simly perfectly executed: think nicely poached eggs on buttery English muffins and creamy Hollandaise sauce. I also loved the pickled shallots which gave a nice sour and salty taste, a nice contrast with the heavy Hollandaise cream.



72 Hudson Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 522-1018


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