Vegetable paste, a new delicious candy is born in Paris


2 GrumFruit paste is a traditional French candy, made with crystallized fruit. It’s really delicious when well executed, too bad it’s considered really old fashioned now. No one ever thought about replicating the same concept to vegetables, until a few weeks ago when Jacques Génin, a talented chocolatier decided to roll out a selection of vegetable paste. Is this new candy worth the hype?

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Vegetable paste by Génin, the new candy everyone should taste

 Turnips will never taste the same for you anymore

If you’re too terrified to try the most exotic flavors, you’ll stick with tomate and you’ll love it. Génin succeeds to extract the best of the tomato pulp, its sweet and fruity flavor is the closest you can get to fruit paste. But if you feel more adventurous, go for the beet paste which was one of my personal favorites. I loved the earthy flavor which combined well with the sweetness of the crystallized sugar (after all, most of the white sugar production comes from beet). If you’re really into new experiences, have a shot at the turnip vegetable paste which is a true hate it or love it flavor.


In a nutshell, Jacques Génin proves once again is not only a talented pastry chef and chocolatier who masters the French classics. He’s also capable of making a breakthrough with innovative concepts and flavors that often happen to be delicious. Just like the vegetable paste, his very last candy.

12 vegetable pastes for €15, that’s not a bad deal.


133 rue de Turenne
75003 Paris
+33 1 49 77 29 01
Quartier : Marais/Oberkampf/République/Filles du Calvaire

27 rue de Varenne
75007 Paris
+33 1 49 77 29 01
Quartier : Saint-Germain-des-Prés/Bon Marché/Sèvres Babylone

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