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1 GrumAre you tired of eating kebab? Go to Urfa Dürüm, a tiny, but nonetheless nice, Kurdish street food restaurant in Paris. The dürüm is composed of vegetables and, eventually, meat wraped in a wheat pancake. A sort of kebab in a wrap I would say. You can have a dürüm to go or sit at one of the two minuscule tables. The wooden decorations and the hudge traditional oven give a very typical feeling.

urfa durum poulet

After a short hesitation between the vegetarian and the chicken options, I settle for the latter. The wrap is soft and sometimes has a marked taste of wood fire but it doesn’t really bother me. The filling is classic : salad, oignons, parsley and a few dices of tomatoes. The chicken is tender, tasty and well seasoned without being too spicy. However, I would have preferred that they remove the skin of the chicken, because I am that sort of annoying person who likes its meat very tender and without the slightest fat (a paradox you say?).

Even though the dürüm is not such a fat plate, I wouldn’t call it a light meal either. Nevertheless, it is the sort of convenient and hearty lunch for all those endless days when one doesn’t have any time to sit for a proper lunch even though it is utterly necessary in order to survive until the evening.

Prices range from 6,5€ to 7,5€ for a dürüm.

58 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis
75010 Paris
01 48 24 12 84
Open everyday from noon to 9 PM
Quartier : Château d’Eau/Gare de l’Est/Strasbourg Saint-Denis

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