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1 GrumNot it’s not another review of a New-York coffee shop, Tuck Shop is located in Paris, not far from Republique, the new hip neighborhood.
Tuck shop is a vegetarian coffee owned by three Australian girls — Rain, Anna and Stella — where you can have brunch and lunch after a stroll on the romantic Canal Saint Martin.

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The result is very solid. My espresso came from Cafe Coutume and my pal had a roquetta sandwich with figs, comté cheese and nuts (€4).
Our only disappointment is that the portions are small, the sandwich looks like more a snack and won’t make up for our lunch.
On the bright side, we loved the straight up San Francisco vibe at Tuck Shop, it seems like the greatest place to stop by during the winter and read a good book whole with a hot cup of coffee. In the afternoon, you’ll notice a few in-the-know locals coming to use the Wi-Fi whilst drinking on chai lattes.

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All in all, Tuck Shop has a great ambiance and location, and it’s a great stop if you want to have a tasty snack. The prices are not cheap but the quality is here. If you want to know more about the opening hours and the menu at Tuck Shop, click here.

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13 Rue Lucien Sampaix
75010 Paris
09 80 72 95 40

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