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2 GrumTraif is probably one of the most hype place to eat in Williamsburg, for now at least because it changes rapidly there. Don’t think that because the restaurant is located close to the highway, not the most sexy environment, no one will show up. The welcoming staff rejects every night a dozen of hopeless ones who came thinking they didn’t need to book a table.
Once inside, the noise is overwhelming, they put up a loud electropop music. It’s definitely a great place when conversation is not the most important part of your date. That was clearly the main drawback of your dinner there.

In our plates it was also overwhelming but in the good dense this time. The butternut squash was perfectly seasoned, with crunchy bits of squash adding texture to the soup.
The salad was coming with generous chunks of ricotta and a a great sun dried tomato sauce. The cheese was creamy and fresh, perfectly contrasting with the bitterness of the salad.
Every flavor combination of our appetizers was right on the point. Our third one was also creative and extremely well executed: tender tuna tartar combined with a crunchy eggplant tempura.

alt="Traif Brooklyn"

alt="Traif Brooklyn"

alt="Traif Brooklyn" But we’ve not been very lucky with our main dishes choices. We found both entrees were heavy and lacking the creativeness of the appetizers.
I had the sauteed broccoli rabe, portabello mushrooms with a truffle toast and fried egg on top. Why the heck would I order such a mish-mash? It was very greasy and heavy. Too bad, each product in itself is good but the mix is just a fail.
I’m looking desperately at my pal, maybe she would accept to share her dish with me. But her duck leg coming with a mushroom was not really satisfying. The greasiness of duck meat was pairing poorly with the creamy risotto. Again, the products are not the problem, the combination is simply depressing.

alt="Traif Brooklyn"

alt="Traif Brooklyn"

We still had a bit of room for the dessert though, and we didn’t regret it.
Bacon doughnuts with coffee ice cream is supposed to be one of the signature dish at Traif, and it clearly became one of my favorite American dessert, such a great riff on a breakfast classic. The doughnuts are bacon glazed, it’s very surprising at first but really a great choice.
We also had a lime and pineapple pie. It was deliciously sweet, tangy and limey. The graham cracker crust paired well with the light chilled whipped cream, pineapple and filing.

alt="Traif Brooklyn Donut Bacon"

alt="Traif Brooklyn Donut Bacon"

We went out of Traif a bit overwhelmed, not only by the obnoxiously loud music environment but also by the flavor combinations. Too bad the main dishes were so disappointing because the appetizers and the desserts were to die for.
The prices at Traif are very reasonable, quite a bargain to be honest, around $30 each (drinks not included).
To make a reservation, or to know more about the hours click here.

229 S 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 844-9578

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