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Nicolas Marié is not only a talented French actor – starring in recent movies such as Neuf mois ferme by Dupontel – but also a real foodie. He told us where you can find him dinning or who he’d love to have lunch with.

nicolas marié

Le Grumeau: What’s your favorite bakery, and most important, what do you order there?
Nicolas Marié: I usually go to Marques, in Asnières-Sur-Seine where I live. I’m a fan of the unleavened bread. When I’m in Paris, my favorite bakery is Le Moulin de la Vierge. The unleavened bread is delicious as well.

Le G: Where do you get your daily cup of joe?
N. M
.: I’m a regular at the Verse Toujours in the Quartier Latin and Le Bistrot (Faubourg-Montmatre).

Le G: What’s your little weakness?
N. M.: The chocolate éclairs from Stohrer (Montorgueil) and the organic Rocamadour from Biocoop (Bois-Colombes).

Le G: Your favorite place to have a drink ?
N. M.: I love going to Angelina (Tuileries), that’s where you can find one of the best hot chocolates in Paris, and Le Fumoir (Louvre).

Le G: Where do you bring your date for a romantic dinner?
N. M.: We love going to Le Grand Venise(15e), it’s the best way to go in the most romantic city in the world without the commute.

Le G: How do you fight the winter blues?
N. M.: The Verse Toujours is great for that, otherwise I stop by Haagen Dazs anywhere in Paris!

Le G: Where is your go-to restaurant and what do you order?
N. M.: There’s a wonderful Japanese close to my home, Shinobi (Asnières-Sur-Seine), they make solid sushi. Otherwise, I’m a regular at Chantefable (Belleville), the beef tartare is stratospheric.

Le G: A restaurant that makes you feel like you’re traveling?
N. M.: L’Aubergade, a three Michelin Stars in Puymirol (Lot-et-Garonne, near Agen); and l’Ethiopia (11e).

Le G: The grocery shop you love going?
N. M.: There’s an amazing wine shop in the 11th arrondissement called 11eme Domaine. As for food groceries, my local butcher is a little gem — La Grande Boucherie d’Asnières.

Le G: Where could we invite you to thank you for answering our silly quiz?
N. M.: L’Ambroisie (Marais) or Pierre Gagnaire (Madeleine) would be nice.

Le G: An hotel to relax from the hum-drum of the city?
N. M.: The Carpe Diem Palazu (near Ajaccio).

Le G: Last but not least, who would you love to have for diner?
N. M.: My wife and my two girls of course! Then, probably Stephane Hessel, Georges Brassens or Jared Diamond.

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