1 GrumWhen he switched from the Crillon, a luxurious Parisian Palace, to Thoumieux, a traditonal brasserie, Jean-Francois Piege changed of style but the Chef also unveiled his creativity to the Parisian foodies without losing obvious skills.
There’s no greater heritage than opening a restaurant on the premises of Bouillon Chartier, which used to be the most traditional French brasserie. The hotel Thoumieux has two restaurants: downstairs you’ll find the Brasserie Thoumieux, and upstairs the two Michelin Stars restaurant where Piege puts up the show every night.
The setting at Thoumieux is a brillant mix of classic and modern, the whole thing was designed by a young star of interior design in France, India Mahdavi.

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Once you get a sit, you’re received a platter of delicious fresh bread, tasty butter and a can of sardines and kiri. A real bonus compared to many Parisian restaurants where bread is brought only after the dishes, which really upsets us.
What about the menu at Thoumieux? Piege is a real genius when it comes to combine French tradition and contemporary cuisine. For example take a look at those mouth-watering dishes descriptions: there are the surprising pizza soufflee and the calmar carbonara (without pasta!).

But we kept it classical and stayed on the beaten path. Veal and mashed potatoes for me — probably one of the best mashed potatoes I ever had. My veal was cooked to perfection, very tender and the puree brought me back to childhood.
Slow-cooked cod for my pal. It was served with morels and spinaches. Too bad they confused slow-cooked and under-cooked. It was almost raw at the center. We loved the association of the fish and the morels, but the mushrooms weren’t that tasty and my friend stared at my dish with envy.

alt="Thoumieux Veau Puree"

alt="Thoumieux Cabillaud"Desserts are a hit at Thoumieux: well-executed and creative. Once again the menu puts up traditional French desserts with an ingenious twist like the vanilla ice-cream blended with caramelised walnuts, millefeuille or frozen Vacherin with banana and lime.

alt="Thoumieux Profiterole "We went for Thoumieux version of the profiterole. It was made of the usual puff pastry with vanilla ice cream hidden under a surprising disk of chocolate on top, which melted when our waiter poured a pot of hot chocolate on top.
Vanilla ice-cream was creamy and flavorful, and the puff pastry was quite something. Nothing revolutionary but it was worth the gourmandise.

What else can we say about Thoumieux? That you’ll probably have to wait because they take no reservations, that the prix fixe menu is only €29 for lunch, and that you can go there anytime in the day (Piege is a real super-chef, but we doubt he’s there all the time as he also makes the show every night upstairs at the Michelin Star restaurant).
For more info about the menu, opening hours or even the Hotel Thoumieux, you can click directly here.

79 Rue Saint-Dominique
75007 Paris
01 47 05 49 75

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