Une Souris et des Hommes: when two pastry chefs meet a book lover


1 GrumYou have always dreamed of a place where you could buy books, eat a pastry and even have pastry classes? Inès, Régis and Damien made it come true! It is called Une souris et des Hommes; an incredible mix between a pastry shop and a traditional book store.

tea time saint georges

Une Souris et des Hommes, a great tea time near Saint-Georges

When I first discovered this place, I thought that everything I like had been gathered in one location. But I was wrong. There are so much more elements that make Une souris et des Hommes a truly unique place. It reflects the personalities of the founding trio and one can really feel comfortable there! One can see how every details was designed with care and passion.

A lovely concept: a pastry shop and a book store at the same time…

First, there is a tearoom, where you can delight yourself with a pastry while sipping a tea or have a savory treat to take away for lunch. Wether you ogle the pastries, the sweets, the jams, the sandwiches or the brunch, everything is handmade with love.

tea time saint georges

The Dragato

Then, comes the book corner, or rather area, because the selection is quite large and diverse. You can find cooking and pastry books, but also classical french literature and even children books. Finally, our book loving pastry chefs offer pastry classes. These are taught for 1 to 3 persons maximum to allow students to participate and learn as much as possible in a joyful atmosphere. Isn’t Une souris et des Hommes a perfect haven?

… And delicious handmade pastries

The Dragato is an aery sugared-almond savored mousse on an almonds and sugared-almond streusel base. Inside the mousse is hidden a peach heart that bring a nice fruity note. The dessert is covered with a layer of vanilla icing that really goes well with the sugared-almond. It is good, everything is light and smooth! And the different tastes are well matched.

I like the idea of a sugared-almond dessert, it brings back childhood nostalgia! I would I appreciated a tiny bit more acidity in the peach heart though, to balance the sweetness of the sugared-almond and the vanilla, but it may be a very personal opinion.

tea time saint georges

The strawberry cheesecake

The bright pink strawberry cheesecake is a treat! A generous layer of Speculoos biscuits, a light mousse with a delicious Philadelphia taste, and a gooey strawberry heart for the freshness and the acidity. Once again, the texture of the mousse is very aery and smooth, unlike most of the cheesecakes I tasted before. Inès unveils her secret: the cheesecake is not baked, therefore it is possible to make this light mousse. In my tastebud’s opinion, it is definitely a very good cheesecake.

Interestingly enough, the flavors of the pastries change along with the seasons… A good excuse to come back!

Prices for pastries range from €4,90 to €6.

17 Rue Maubeuge
75009 Paris
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10h30 to 19h
Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays at 11h and 13h30 (Book 48h beforehand)
Quartier : Poissonnière/Saint-Georges/Notre-Dame-de-Lorette

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