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2 GrumPatisserie des Reves is a cheesy name, litteraly meaning the Dream Pastry in French. Whatever, its founder has put up one of the most best pastry shop in Paris when it comes to French desserts. Philippe Conticini worked for a few prestigious brands like Petrossian before setting up his own shop a few steps away the Bon Marché. The business and the pastries are successful, as Conticini has openend two other Patisserie des Reves since then.
Nothing is left to the fairies here, only the talent of Conticini has made all the fame of the Patisserie des Reves. No detail is left ouf of his pastries. We’re more dubious when it comes to the design of the tiny shop and staff who hadn’t proved very professional.

We started off our morning snack with a tarte tatin at la Patisserie des reves, a French classic. This one wa truly magnificent, golden with caramelization and plenty of butter. The apples slices remained firm but tender, sinking into a thin layer of flaky puff pastry.

alt="tarte tatin at la patisserie des reves"

Yet another tart, this one was a lemon tart with a wave of meringue on top. The crust was crispy but not too dry and the citrus-y flavors were very intense, though not overwhelming.

alt="Patisserie des Reves Tarte Citron"

The Paris Brest from the Patisserie des Reves makes up a lot of fuss and is supposed to be the best in Paris. Each ball contained a praline cream and piped into the center was runny praline giving a burst of flavor. We deeply enjoyed it, but the praline flavor was not as intense as the one made by Jacques Genin, which is more old-school style but still our favorite.

alt="Patisserie des Reves Paris Brest"

Grand Cru Vanille, a tasteful and creamy vanilla dessert. The intense vanilla flavor was balanced by the smooth, delicate texture of the cake. A true discovery for me.

alt="Patisserie des Reves Grand Cru Vanille"

Le Grumeau highly recommends you to have a try of the Patisserie des Reves’ desserts. Pastries are obviously not cheap but remain affordable: €5 to €7 for un individual cake.
To know more about teatime and pastries at the Patisserie des Reves, as well as hours of the pastry shops, click here.

93 rue du Bac
75007 Paris
Other locations: rue de Longchamp and rue Poncelet

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