The Terrestrian Halong Bay, a review of the charming Tam Coc Garden


3 GrumWhen preparing our trip in Vietnam, we couldn’t decide whether it was worth spending a day or two in the Terrestrial Halong bay. We gave it a try and never regretted it. In hindsight, it was certainly the most picturesque part of our trip.  Think about Halong bay sugarloaf rocks but in a very different setting, not in the middle of the sea but in an area of lush vegetation.

Baie d'Halong terrestre

Terrestrian Halong bay

Tam Coc Garden, a piece of heaven in the Terrestrian Halong bay

hôtel baie d'halong terrestre

hôtel baie d halong terrestre

A gracious hotel in the Terrestrian Halong bay

We stayed at the Tam Coc Garden, a georgous hotel located a few miles away from Ninh Binh. The setting is incredible, think about private bungalows with a view on the mountains and the rice fields. The rooms themselves are quite something, they’re spacious and designed with the utmost care. The Tam Coc Garden is a very good deal considering the quality of the service and the amenities.

Sans titre

chambre tam doc garden

Bedroom at the Tam Coc Garden

Small details matter a lot, don’t they? Like the swimming pool, which was perfectly integrated in the landscape. We liked the fact that the Tam Coc Garden was not flashy, but it could still be considered as one of the most luxurious hotels in Vietnam. The staff was particularly welcoming and attentive, they made everything possible to render our stay unforgettable.

Piscine du Tam Coc Garden

Swimming-Pool with a view

The surroundings
ninh 9

Just because we were staying in a perfect hotel, it doesn’t mean we didn’t take the time to explore the surroundings. You should definitely have a try at the boat tour which goes through the Terrestrian Halong bay. Think it’s too touristy for you? Well we haven’t encountered any tourist during the boat tour.

What about the food? Well the Tam Coc Garden boasts itself of a talented chef. He makes a great vegeterian version of the pho. You can also have a shot at the food Chez Loan, a local restaurant a few miles away by bike. It’s tasty and cheap.

hôtel baie d halong terrestre

Bungalows, vegeterian pho, fried springroll and biking!

Budget : about $120 for a night

Hai Nham Hamlet, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District
Ninh Bình, Vietnam
+84 30 2492 118

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