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When someone first told me about Smorgasburg, I thought he was talking about a remote Scandinavian village. Despite the confusing name, it’s not.
It has become my favorite food market in New-York since then. It’s not really your usual market but a sort of food truck festival with all kind of vendors taking place in Williamsburg, aka Hipsterville.

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It’s baffling at first sight to see all the different type of food gathered in an open-air market with a beautiful view of Manhattan. Not every stall is a hit, but the beauty of the enterprise is that you can move on from one to the next. Smorgasburg’s got it all; Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, fried chicken, Asian, Latin American, burgers, desserts, fun beverages.
Smorgasburg has become mad crowded, but still, it’s a great experience taking place every week-ends from April to late Summer.
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We finally settled for a couple of spring rolls and a surprising quinoa falafel. After we picked up our delectable foodstuffs, we sat on the grass by the water, looked quickly at Manhattan and ate. The spring rolls were done at the order, so they were extremely fresh and we loved the peanut sauce.
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The quinoa falafel that we grabbed at Saucy by Nature came with salad leaves and red onions. The falafel was crispy and fresh, the seasoning was perfect. The only thing is that the portion was a bit small but except that, it was mind-blowing.
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For dessert we had a great ice-cream sandwich made by The Good Batch. It’s a concentrate of all I love about America: a generous cookie, and a creamy scoop of ice-cream in sandwich.
Too bad it’s not made at the order like it used to be, I’m not a big fan of frozen cookies.
alt="Sandwich Cookie The Good Batch Smorgasburg"
We really  loved this event,  so far it’s one of the few things that make us want to come to Brooklyn regularly even if it’s a bit pricey overall.
The best advice would be to come before 12:30 to beat the lines at the more popular spots. You’d better come to with your hands fills of cash because you’ll want to stop at every vendor, try samples and buy all their delicious products.
To know more about hours and vendors at Smorgasburg, click here.
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