1 Grumshake shack UES settingShake Shack is hands down the best fast food burger I’ve had. Please note the emphasis on “fast food burger”, there are tons of amazing burgers in New-York, they might be more expensive, not coming as quickly but still better than Shake Shack. But the burgers they do are amazingly popular, don’t expect to avoid the line.
We went at Shake Shack on Lexington and 86th Street around 5pm thinking stupidly that our fellow American stomachs couldn’t be hungry at that time of the day. Big mistake, we had to wait for about 15 min. Shake Shack staff is warm and efficient. The space is quite big, very neat and modern, but still, it’s smells frying oil inside.

Once I had ordered, I was handed a joystick. I first thought I was at Radioshack. But the girl told me it would buzz once my burger would be ready. So much technology in New-York, we’re really old school in Paris. Too bad my joystick doesn’t work this day. Luckily I heard the staff shouting my name across the room.

vibrating shake shackThe Shack burger we picked was only $4.60. The bun was very lightly buttered and toasted to a golden brown. The pattie — mostly made up with sirloin beef — is flavorful and tender. I loved the shake sauce, you can truly feel a mix of mayo and ketchup with a hint of paprika. But the Shack sauce is also a bit sour. Someday I’ll find the recipe.

le fameux shack burger

What about the french fries? I was about to forget them as I was too focused on the burger. Well, they’re not outstanding. They’re pretty light (if possible for french fries) and crispy. Yet they don’t taste anything at all.

les frites de shake shack Salted caramel milkshake. It was a disappointment, no caramel flavour at all. This smelled just like average vanilla milkshake, definitely not worth the steep price ($6).
Shake Shack is not where you’ll find the best burger in New-York City. It is a solid contender though. But despite the efforts made to pimp up the space, it still smells like a greasy fast food. Not the place where you’ll bring your parents or your fiance for a date (only Grumeau does that). While an opening of a first Shake Shack in London has been confirmed for 2013, another location might open in France too.
For more information about Shake Shack, click here.

154 E 86th St
New York, NY 10128
+1 646-237-5035

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  1. Those burgers look yummy! We “almost” went to Shake Shack while we were in NYC but my husband got distracted when he saw the guacamole at the Mexican Restaurant next door.

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