Go get dessert next time: we tried Shake Shack chocolate Concrete


1 GrumWe all know how great shake shack burgers are. No need to dwell for hours on the juicy patty, the golden bun and the special shack sauce. Remember what happened last time you had one? You didn’t have room for dessert, right?
Don’t make the same mistake next time and have a shot at Shake Shack chocolate Concrete. It’s the ultimate fast food dessert


Flavors change every month so you can have a different one every time you pop in. The chocolate Concrete is a great pick. The custard is incredibly flavorful and they incorporated big chunks of chocolate brownies and chocolate sprinkles as well.
I loved everything about Shake Shack chocolate Concrete, every spoonful promised a true bit of heaven. It’s hard to go by with such a familiar flavor to be honest. If you’re craving for super chewy chocolate brownie and an incredbily smooth chocolate custard, that’s the way to go.


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