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1 GrumSerendipity 3 is an icon in the world of New-York decadent ice-creams shops, in a more old fashion way than Big Gay Ice Cream though. Located in the Upper East Side, only a few steps away from Dylan’s Candy, it’s hard to get through the long line during the week-ends, but we are damn smart (or damn lazy) so we went on a Tuesday afternoon.
I don’t remember where the fame of Serendipity 3 comes from, maybe a movie, maybe its supposedly most expensive sundae in the world, priced at $1000, or its frozen hot chocolate. But that’s not relevant to our review. Like most, we came here for one and only one thing at Serendipity 3: the generous sundaes.

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After a quick look at the menu, we went with a demonic “Can’t Say No” Sundae. The picture is probably eloquent but I still need to describe you what was inside: it consists of Humble Pie (i.e. peanut butter pie), vanilla ice-cream, banana and hot fudge with whipped cream. It was very rich and we almost felt the need to lay down after consuming.
Let’s be honest, the ice-cream at Serendipity 3 doesn’t compete with the ones we had at Grom and the chocolate tasted like Hershey’s at best but the whole thing is actually very enjoyable, and the portion is quite something. It’s priced at $15, which is also quite something.

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If you want to know more about the menu and opening hours at Serendipity 3, click here.

225 E 60th St
New York, NY 10022
+1 212-838-3531

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