Scoop me a cookie: yes, we have good cookies in Paris


1 GrumDespite the name of the shop, the talented owner doesn’t come from London or New York. Laura Petit worked for Gérard Mulot — a famous French pastry chef — for a few years before opening up her own business. Suprisingly, she doesn’t bake traditional French pastries but only cookies.

Don’t search for millefeuille, there’s only cookies here

With hindsight, that was smart move. Parisians, especially the young generations, have been increasingly in love with cookies, and many specialty shops have opened.  We’ve had a lot of cookies in Paris, but it’s been hard to find the same level of excellence as New York’s cookies. Let’s be honest, la Fabrique à Cookies is a strong contender, but we’re not a big fan of their French twist (nougat, salted butter caramel). It’s even harder to compare them with cookies you can find in French supermarkets.

Scoop Me a Cookie, the best you can find in Paris?

scoop me a cookie laura petit

Scoop me a cookie is  located in Batignolles, in the very same previous Acide Macaron location — before they relocated to their new shop at rue du Bac. As soon as I opened the front door, I got a whiff of the baking going on inside. The babies they make at Scoop me a cookie are huge and rich. They make many different types with interesting toppings like milk chocolate and candied orange peel or banana and walnuts. Even though all of them are worth it — none of them falls flat really — I had a crush for the classic, named Back to Basics, made with  three different types of  Valrhona chocolates.

Budget : cookie from €2 to €4.20. 

72 rue Legendre 75017 Paris | 01 71 72 91 65
Quartier : Batignolles/Rome/Brochant
5/7 rue Crespin du Gast 75011 Paris | 01 73 74 28 90
Quartier : Ménilmontant/Père Lachaise/Saint-Maur

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