Salvatore Rotiroti, the real king of pizza in Paris


2 GrumSalvatore Rotiroti came all the way from his native Calabria to Paris to teach us, the French people, what is a proper pizza. Don’t think twice if you’re craving for a good pizza while in Paris, run to Salvatore’s pizza joint. Despite its name, Il Brigante won’t ripp you off unlike many touristy Parisian restaurants.

Remember, don’t assume booking a table is not necessary at Il Brigante just because it’s located in the 18th arrondissement. It. is. always. packed.

We went straight with a Michelina. Forgive the ridiculous name given to this pizza, what’s in it is far more interesting: there was fresh and almost melting riccota, smooth mozarella di Buffala and mushrooms di Vincenzo, which gave a earthy touch to the pizza. Don’t expect any pizza with foie gras or black truffle, you’re in the wrong place. Salvatore Rotiroti makes traditional pizzas but he only uses the best products.


My partner in crime had the San Nicola, which is more meaty as it incorporates bresaola, which is air dried, salted beef, it gave a real twist to this pizza. The rest of the toppings are pretty classic (ricotta and mozarella again), except for the scaglie di granna (a sort of Parmigiano cheese) which brought a more than welcome complexity to the flavors of the San Nicola.



All in all, the arrival of Salvatore Rotiroti is one of the greatest things which has happened in Paris in the last few years. We shall be back to try more of his pizzas.

Price range: €9 to €16

14 rue du Ruisseau
75018 Paris
+33 1 44 92 72 15
Quartier : Jules Joffrin/Lamarck Caulaincourt/Clignancourt/Sacré Coeur


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