SOUS LES CERISIERS, an amazing Japanese restaurant near Montparnasse


A few weeks ago, my father brought me to Sous les Cerisiers, one of his go-to restaurant in Paris close to Montparnasse. I liked the very zen decor though the star of the show was what was inside the plate.
I had the €19 bento [served only at lunch time]which is a really good deal. We first got a miso soup, very concentrated but delicate at the same time. Then the bento platter came, it included many different small portions: very fresh sushis, surprising matcha flavored soba noodles and also a refreshing marinated salmon salad.
As a dessert, I was served an exotic fruits sabayon which was a great way to end the meal though I thought the fruits were overwhelmed by the cream.

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A few weeks later, we came back to interview the chef, Sakura Franck. She’s a solid reference for Japanese cuisine amateurs in Paris. She answered all our questions.

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Le Grumeau : How did you end up opening up your own restaurant in Paris?
Sakura Franck : I started cooking very early when I was about 17 years old. But I wanted to travel so I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the United States and around Asia before settling for Paris. Here, I’ve had the opportunity to work for prestigious restaurants where I really improved my own cuisine [among other restaurants, Sakura Franck worked for a while at Ledoyen ndlr].

Le Grumeau : Where did you find the inspiration to create a cooking school?
S.F. : There’s almost no cooking schools dedicated to Japanese cuisine and Asian cuisine in general. I’ve founded Suhou back in 2002 and it’s a thrilling experience for me. I have the opportunity to teach to both amateurs and professionals who want to get more familiar to Japanese cuisine.

Le Grumeau : Many items on your menu combines French and Japanese inspiration, how easy is it to do so in practice?
S.F. : This came as an obvious choice for me because even though both cuisine are very different, they’re complement each other very well . French cuisine places a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics and the combination of flavors while Japanese cuisine tries to keep the essence of each flavor in the plate.

12 Rue Stanislas
75006 Paris
01 42 77 46 24
Quartier : Saint-Placide/Montparnasse/Notre-Dame-des-Champs/Vavin


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