ROSEVAL, did we miss something?


1 GrumAfter all the hype around Roseval last year, supposedly the new Chateaubriand, we decided to give it a try. Easier said than done as you need to book days weeks in advance.
The decor is nice, made of stone and wood, with a hipster touch (the rich hipster one, you see this twisted light bulb? Well it’s worth about €3000). The restaurant is sleek design friendly but not wallet friendly, surprise menu €45 (drinks excluded).

Things started quickly with an oyster raviolo, dipped in a light broth. It’s very fresh, the iodine scents matches well with the ricotta raviolo. My friend told the staff she didn’t like oyster, wich was replaced by void, quite a disappointment.


Then came the rabbit thigh and saddle. Once again, we really enjoyed the generous juice. The meat was well cooked, I didn’t realize how these two parts of a rabbit were different in terms of texture. Too bad the sides were inexistent. I waited for something more to arrive (a little bowl of puree maybe?), but we’ll have to muddle along with what we have.


The very best part of the meal was the pre-dessert, a glorious panna cotta topped by exotic fruits and chili. Even better than the one we had at Neva Cuisine, which is a clear reference for us (as you should know).
The dessert was less brilliant. The cucumber sorbet with yogurt was an interesting combination, very fresh and delicate, a perfect summer dessert. But it came with a portion of crunchy seeds (probably spelt or something like that). I’d have preferred a real cake or a sablé.


We left the restaurant with the feeling that we didn’t quite understand the genious of Tondo et Greenwold while others did and seem to have had a different experience. Anyway, even though my wallet felt lighter after that meal, he still found enough resources to get us a pint of Häagen-Dazs which helped us get over the lack of generosity.

1 Rue d’Eupatoria
75020 Paris
09 53 56 24 14
Ménilmontant/Belleville/Père Lachaise


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