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2 GrumOnce again we passed by Roellinger’s store in Paris, surprisingly located steps away from the area where you’ll find most of the Japanese restaurants. The Chef is not only an expert when it comes to spices and vanilla beans (see our review of his poudre des bulgares), but he also makes interesting herbal tea blends. As always, Roellinger likes to associate each of his creations to one of his journeys across or some kind of epic story in India. Maybe a bit too much of story telling but it gives a different twist to our usual dull herbal teas.
We tried Songe de Nuit, a flavorful herbal tea which is supposed to help you sleep. This is sometimes highly needed because Grumeau is always excited about something, even by night. We took a look at what’s inside and it’s pretty fancy: lemongrass, sage and a mysterious blend of spices.

alt="Infusion Songe de Nuit Epices Roellinger"To be honest, we didn’t fall asleep as easily as promised but we did love it. Sage gave a nice twist to our infusion, a very soft and enticing feel. We also loved that Roellinger added a few spices to his herbal tea, giving it an interesting sensation. It costs €7.30 for a 40gr box in Paris which is quite expensive but it’s entirely worth it to impress your guests, or maybe as a fancy gift.
To know more about the products and the spices sold by Roellinger, but also about his locations, click here.

51 rue Sainte Anne 75002
01 42 60 46 88

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