ROBERTA’S calzone, is it worth the detour?


A FuirWe had a sudden craze for pizza recently so we went all the way to Bushwick in Brooklyn and gave a try at Roberta’s calzone. As we exited the subway station, discomfort with the desolate landscape reminded us of some old Hitchkok movie. We finally reached Roberta’s after carefully following directions which took us past open lots and warehouses.
The decor? The guy who designed the place was probably thinking “hipsters on a Scandinavian holiday”: lots of random wood all over the place. Roberta’s don’t allow reservations so you’d better be there early because it gets full very quickly especially by the end of the week. We waited for half an hour at the bar, which was not very pleasant as it was crowded but I expect a better vibe during the week.

alt="Roberta's à New York"They finally got us two seats at the communal table as we were not lucky enough to get a private one. It seemed like our waiter had not eaten pizza since the fall of the Berlin wall, that’s maybe why he was a bit grumpy.
I went with Roberta’s calzone while my friend had the romaine salad. The calzone doesn’t look very appealing, but have you ever seen an appealing calzone?  There was tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto and mushrooms. The crust was quite thin and the toppings were not bad, but there was an overwhelming garlic scent.
The overall impression: Roberta’s doesn’t live up to its reputation. It’s supposed to be cheap but at $16 it really isn’t, especially considering it’s not located in SoHo.

Roberta’s salad is a celebration of minimalism. Fives salad leaves, four nuts and some grated cheese on top. We finally found out what our waiter have been eating all this time to stay so fit!
Maybe we should have stopped for lunch, but we were clearly disappointed by our diner at Roberta’s.

alt="Roberta's à New York"

If you’re looking for a similar vibe, you should defintely stop by Paulie Gee’s, this pizza joint located in Greenpoint makes makes solid pizza with a hint of creativity.

261 Moore St
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 417-1118

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