5 great restaurants open in August in Paris


August is a month off in Paris, many restaurants are closed and everybody is in vacations. This is a true shame for such a touristy city. But the good news is that often times you don’t need a reservation for restaurants which are open. Here’s a list of amazing tables which stay open all summer long, and where reservation is not mandatory.


Kokoro, tiny restaurant but great price for quality


The chef doesn’t take any time off in August and offers an interesting menu: the cured lamb shoulder with carrots puree and fennel is a great way to start things off smoothly, while the cocoa and orange cake with chocolate whipped cream is a true hit. Open Tuesday night, and from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Price: €15 to 20 

More information here on Kokoro.

Coretta, best newcomer of 2014


We’ve had a hard time booking a table at Corretta earlier this year. But this new restaurant located in the charming 17th arrondissement was the wait. You can easily go there without a reservation in August since most French gourmets are on holidays. The gifted chef Beatriz Gonzalez is from Mexico, she offers a thrilling selection of summery dishes such as a semi-cooked yellowfish tuna which combines well with baby leeks in a tangy dressing. For desserts, have a shot at the homemade brioche which is nothing less than a sort of cinammon roll with a French touch. Open every day for lunch and dinner.  Price: €25 to 39 

More information here on Coretta.

L’Ebauchoir is back as well


L’Ebauchoir is the spot where you need to stop by if you’re looking for traditional French bistro cuisine with a modern twist. The hake filet with crusty cooked in parsley “à la plancha” is very convincing. If you want to go off the beaten path for dessert, have a try at the olive oil cake or the mango tart. Open every night from Monday to Saturday and from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch. Price: €20 to 35 

More information here on L’Ebauchoir.

La Régalade Conservatoire, this is Bruno Doucet success story

alt="la régalade conservatoire"

If you’re strolling on the Grands Boulevard, in the 10th arrondissement, you should definitely stop by la Régalade. The modern and graphic, yet comfy setting is definetely an upside. But what’s in the plate is the real asset at La Régalade. The creamy risotto with squid ink and roasted gambas and the sablé biscuit with figs are highly recommended. Open everyday for lunch and dinner. Price: €30 to 40 

More information here on La Régalade.

Chatomat, love is in the air and in the plate

Chatomat Prawns

These two chefs are young but extremly talented and we’ve loved our meal at their first venture called Chatomat in the 20th arrondissement. After some years working for the best restaurants around the globe, they settled in Paris and offer a creative cuisine with simple and fresh products. The summer menu is exciting: sea bream with tomato water and buckwheat or soft boiled egg with grilled squid and creamy spinach. Open every night from Tuesday to Saturday.  Price: €30 to 40 

More information here on Chatomat.

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