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A Fuiralt="restaurant twenty peas paris"When I first heard about a restaurant named Twenty Peas, I was not thinking about the 8th arrondissement in Paris, one of the most bling and snobish neighborhood of the city. Once you get in this cosy lunch joint located rue des Mathurins, you’ll love it or hate it. The decor is very girly and shabby chic, it seems like a small Whole Foods Café in Paris with vintage furniture. Making a reservation is not  an option at Twenty Peas since you’ll notice hordes of thirty somethings craving for healthy salads and seeds running there for lunch
I’m being unfair maybe, the tarts and the cakes at Twenty Peas are very tempting when you look at them through the window glass. We didn’t think about it for too long and I went with the cake menu with one side while my friend had the tart and two sides.

You’re even more disappointed when a wonderful cake is actually barely edible, the texture was very dry, not the moist consistence you’re expecting from a good cake. The ricotta and eggplant side was not bad but it didn’t make up for the cake failure.
My pal didn’t look much happier. The seasoning of the spinach and goat cheese tart was insufficient. But on a brighter side, the sides were flavorous: the delicious lentils salad and the rates potatoes were a true hit.

alt="déjeuner twenty peas"

alt="déjeuner twenty peas"

Our opinions on the desserts at Twenty Peas are mixed: the tart tatin was a real disaster –I’m not going to tell you how failed puff pastry taste like — but the cheesecake was incredible, one of the best I’ve had in Paris so far.

alt="déjeuner twenty peas"

alt="déjeuner twenty peas"

We won’t recommend you to stop by Twenty Peas. The menu is attractive but despite a few hit, like the cheesecake, the food was very disappointing, and the portions weren’t generous to say the least.
If you want to know more about Twenty Peas, menus and opening hours can be found here.

59 Rue des Mathurins
75008 Paris
01 42 66 26 13

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