JADIS, a restaurant not stuck in the past


1 GrumThere’s been a lot of press on Jadis a few years ago, it was depicted as (yet) another symbol of the bistronomie trend in Paris. So we gave ourselves time to test Jadis, because just like wine, the restaurant should be better and better with time. It fared pretty well, and the chef, Guillaume Delage, succeeded to make great bistro cuisine with a modern touch despite a few blunders.
I started with the pork loin, coming with a side of pappardelle. The meat was well cooked and I loved the rich juice on top of it. It may feel obvious, but more and more bistro-bobo restaurants tend to forget that people love dipping their bread into the sauce. The side was more disappointing, I’m not a big fan of pappardelle and they came in a very simple way with a few vegetables.
My friend was more happy with her dish: the scallops were artfully cooked, coming with a pleasant watercress sauce, parnsips and onions. The flavors of the dish are well balanced, the freshness of the scallops matches perfectly with the watercress.
Talking about balance, the dessert was not really sucessful. The exotic fruits cheesecake was too acid while the watercress ice cream leaned on the bitter side. Too bad it lacked a bit of freshness because the cream of the the cake was just perfect.

All in all, we spent a good time at Jadis, a good pick where we would happily come back especially considering the neighborhood (the south of the 15th arrondissement is not really well served in terms of good restaurants).

208 rue de la Croix Nivert
75015 Paris
01 45 57 73 20
Quartier : Balard/Volontaires/Porte de Versailles/Convention

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alt="bistrot jadis dejeuner"

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alt="bistrot jadis dejeuner"


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