Clint: a restaurant in the far-east of Paris for all the cow-boys at heart


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In the far-east of Paris, nearby the Père Lachaise cemetery, where only the bravest dare to venture, the Clint restaurant stands proudly. Trying to shelter from the rain pouring outside, we are welcomed by the very friendly staff and finally start to relax in the cosy atmosphere.

clint pere lachaise

Clint, a restaurant near Pere Lachaise cemetery

We order a veggieburger and a crunchy chicken with sweet potato chips. Our empty stomachs bounce with joy as our plates arrive, still steaming.
The veggieburger is stuffed with lamb’s lettuce, generous slices of eggplant and mozzarella seasoned with basil pesto. The hamburger bread is good, though a little too brioche for me. Overall, a tasty burger for a hungry soul.

Veggie burger clint

Veggieburger at Clint

The chicken scallop is tender and the breading coat is just as crunchy as should be. Apparently, the coat is made with peanuts, but their taste was so very light… It’s a good thing that the pepper seasoned it up nicely. The mayonnaise sauce, made with honey and spices, was good and went well with the chicken. The sweet potato chips were terrific! Crunchy on the outside but not dripping with grease ; creamy on the inside, with the delicious sweet taste of the potato on top.

poulet croustillant clint père lachaise

Le poulet croustillant

As for the dessert, my accomplice and I choose without the hint of a doubt the passionfruit cheesecake… Yum! The biscuit tastes like Speculoos and the cream like chantilly. The cream’s texture is not as dense and creamy as ordinary cheesecakes, but still pleasant. I would say it is a good cheesecake, although I have eaten better ones.

Cheesecake clint

Prices : main dishes 14-20€, desserts 8€, lunch prix fixe 12€-18€

174 rue de la Roquette
75011 Paris
09 81 60 17 36
Ouvert du mardi au dimanche
Quartier : Père Lachaise/Voltaire/Philippe Auguste

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