TEMPERO, a great restaurant in the 13th arrondissement


3 Grum3H4A3673Tempero is a true gem located not far from Austerlitz train station. Those familiar with Paris will realize for sure that it’s a real accomplishment to find a solid restaurant in the 13th arrondissement.
I was more than dubious when I heard the chef likes to mix French, Brazilian and Vietnamese cuisines. What a strange combination. But every single dish we had was great. First, we had an oeuf parfait with a watercress velouté. Then, I had a confit of pork: the skin was incredibly crispy while the meat was tender but not pink. The best way to end off such a great meal was a panna cotta: the cream was literally melting in my mouth and the passion fruits gave a fresh kick that was needed. It was a real hit.
Credit where credit’s due: without Smain, we would’ve never heard about this great restaurant in the 13th arrondissement for sure. Prices are not stratospheric, we ended up paying each €30 for the whole meal, drinks included (they make a solid caipirinha by the way).

alt="restaurant tempero"

alt="restaurant tempero"

alt="restaurant tempero"

5 rue Clisson
75013 Paris
09 54 17 48 88
Quartier : Jardin des Plantes/Austerlitz/Bercy


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