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2 GrumEiichi Edakuni has been a successful chef in Kyoto before moving to Paris and opening Guilo Guilo in one of our favorite neighborhoods, Montmartre.
Even though the chef tried to avoid strong media presence on his restaurant — he even asked both the Michelin guide and the Gault & Millaut guide not toappear in their yearly editions — Guilo Guilo has quickly become one of the most appraised Japanese restaurants in Paris. It’s not easy to get a table there, I made a reservation at Guilo Guilo two weeks in advance and it was necessary to confirm the day before, all with very defined, Japanese style, rules. We came at Guilo Guilo for the first service (there are 2 services per night), we were directed to one of the best places in the balcony, where we had a great view on chef Edakuni.

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There’s no such thing as a menu, the Chef is given carte blanche to prepare the diner. There were eight dishes in total for a €45 price tag, and we didn’t regret any one of them.

alt="Guilo Guilo restaurant Paris"The chef really takes you on an experience tailored for you. We almost lost track of the different courses we had. Each plate coming out was a delight for the eyes and palate. There were quite a lot of different products for each plate, and it was hard to integrate the rich flow of information the waiter gave us.
I remember an exceptional crab consommé, sweet and acid at the same time. But we also had very delicate sashimis, very fresh and sliced with the dexterity of a master samurai. The morsel of silky tofu, sweet and sour style was also amazing. All in all the flavors combinations are well executed and the cuisine features genuine Japanese ingredients and recipes.

Our only disappointment? Sometimes we felt overwhelmed by some of the dishes which felt a bit messy and thrown together.


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alt="Guilo Guilo restaurant Paris"After such high quality courses, we weren’t really expecting a tasteless miso soup you’d find in your corner Japanese restaurant, and as expected it was stratospheric. The miso soup was highly flavor concentrated but not too strong.

The real hit of the diner at Guilo Guilo was the tofu course, the texture was like a creme brulée topped by a puffed corn topping. The corn was extremely light and combined well with the silky tofu. A little touch of wasabi gave a nice kick to the whole thing.
Then we had a great slow cooked pork dish. The meat was very tender, and the sauce was slightly sweet, almost like a dessert.
We ended up the with a shrimp tempura, arriving hot and crisp as hell.

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I was more perplex about the desserts. It’s probably because Japanese inspired desserts have never been very popular in French culture: not very sweet, pasty textures and red beans are not very attractive for the fans of millefeuille.

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Even though we hard scoring a reservation at Guilo Guilo, we didn’t regret it. All in all, it was quite a great deal, their pricing is incredible value, given the quality of the food we were served.
If you want to know more about making a reservation at Guilo Guilo, hours of opening and menus, click here.

8 Rue Garreau
75018 Paris
01 42 54 23 92



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