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1 GrumProhibition Bakery is a one-of-a-kind concept that can only come up in New-York. It was founded by talented chef Brooke Siem, and great bartender Leslie Feinberg, combining their skills to create this unique bakery.
Each cupcake in this tiny Lower East Side shop feels like a cocktail and is packed with flavours. Obviously don’t even expect to be tipsy after eating Prohibition Bakery lilliputian cupcakes.
We had three of them: White Russian, Pretzel and Beer, and Bee’s Knees (three for $5).

alt="prohibition bakery nyc" The White Russian was probably the best, I could really feel the perfect association of vodka and coffee.
Pretzel and Beer cupcake was also pretty solid. The cake was beer flavoured and topped with a mini pretzel which added some salty to the fluffy cake.
Bee’s Knees is made up of lemon, honey, gin, orange, and, believe it or not, bee pollen. It was not really tasty, I found the cake to be a bit dry.
Prohibition Bakery is an innovative cupcake concept store, prices are not too steep and cupcakes were quite flavourful. It’s not really my type of desserts but that would work great for birthdays and parties. Too bad the cashier forgot that smiles were not prohibited too.

alt="prohibition bakery cupcakes"

More information about menu and hours here.

9 Clinton St
New York, NY 10002

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