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2 GrumMade especially to add a little kick to your yoghurts, the Poudre Des Bulgares by Roellinger, the French chef who decided to hand back the three Michelin stars awarded to his restaurant in Brittany in 2008. He decided to get fully involved with finding new spices around the world.

poudre des bulgares roellinger

The poudre des bulgares is a tasteful blend made up with vanilla, a swap of cardamom; a hint of ginger, orange peel, a few sesame seeds  and many other wonders. Roellinger invented this poudre des bulgares to pay an homage to one of his most vivid travel memories – riding his moped through the Balkans when he was younger. Travel and adventure in a jar, nothing less.

His store in Paris is located rue St-Anne, close to Opera, it’s a heaven for whoever likes spices and vanilla beans. But you can also go to the main store if you’re passing by Cancale in Brittany. From the most traditionnal sort of peppers to the most extravagant like the poudre defendue which Roellinger advise you to put on strawberries, or the poudre d’or that combines well with oysters.

You can find more about the Poudre des Bulgares by Roellinger stores, opening hours and full offering of spices ans vanilla beans here.

Price : €6,80.

51 rue Sainte-Anne
75002 Paris


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