PIZZA DEI CIOPPI, the best pizza al taglio in Paris?


2 GrumGood news for all Italian cuisine afficionados in Paris, the founder of the Caffè dei Cioppi has just opened an incredible pizza joint in the 11th arrondissement, unsurprisingly named the Pizza dei Cioppi.
They’re making traditional al taglio pizza in rectangular molds which is not common in Paris. The dough is quite thick but the result is amazing: it’s tender inside and crunchy outside. The toppings are the real stars: we had a great scarmoza and zucchini pizza slice. Then we shared a slice of Calabrese sausage, which is similar to salami so it added a great spicy kick to the whole thing. The owner, Fabrizo Ferrara, is a great entertainer, giving every guest a warm welcome punctuated with a nice Italian accent.
We ended our meal with a small portion of tiramisu wich was slightly under-whelming compared to the rest of the meal but still pretty good. Is it expensive? Actually the bill won’t rake in the euros, it only came up at €30 for the two of us. Beware, this could well be the best pizza al taglio in Paris.

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44 Rue Trousseau
75011 Paris
Quartier : Charonne/Ledru-Rollin/Faidherbe-Chaligny/Voltaire


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