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2 GrumIt’s hard not to think about the context in which I ate chocolates from Patrick Roger for the first time. Needless to say it was for a very special occasion. Yes, I’m that emotive.
Back to business, the chocolates from Patrick Roger are quite phenomenal, the cacao nibs are selected with great care and transcended by the chocolate maker. Actually Patrick Roger calls himself a “chocolate artist”, nothing less, but it’s not a lie. Indeed, once you enter any of his shops, you’ll be amazed by huge chocolate sculptures like the Kilimandjaro or human size monkeys.

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It’s hard to tell, are the chocolates from Patrick Roger better or not than his high end competitor like the Maison du Chocolat? His chocolates are clearly on the creative side so if you really prefer pure chocolate ganache, go to Jean-Paul Hevin or the Maison Du Chocolat. Patrick Roger is defintely looking for extravagant flavors combinations that are not usually found.
We really had a crush for the Lime & Basil with its strong lime flavor and a nuance of savory basil, the Tendresse (caramelized hazelnuts from Piemont), and the Katmandou (jasmin).
The box of 25 chocolates is worth €30, if you want to know more about Patrick Roger and all his creations, click here.

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