Pâtisserie Gastel: Enghien-les-bains’ pleasures come to Paris


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Olivier Stehly, the saucy pastry chef of the Pâtisserie Gastel, opened a shop rue de La Fayette. Parisians can finally enjoy his talent and his mischievous pastries!

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The foreplay

I give in to the caramel-mango mac-honoré : a mix between a saint-honoré and macaroons for more pleasure. This sweet debauchery combines the crunchy-sponginess of the macaroons with the airiness of the mousse, the creaminess of the caramel and the crisp of the biscuit for a voluptuous dessert. The freshness of the mango contrasts with the sweetness of the tasty caramel. I would have appreciated an additional touch of acidity thought, to spice up even more this licentious treat.

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… And the G spot

After this delicious start, I nibble a morello cherry-pistachio Point G. And again, it is a very sensual dessert. The crunchy chocolate shell covers a mysterious pistachio cream, meltingly soft and light at the same time, in which are hidden succulent morello-cherries. If the pistachio and the the white chocolate tastes are strong and explode in the mouth like a firework of pleasure, I wish the morello-cherries were sourer to balance the ruffling sweetness of the pistachio and the white chocolate. Maybe the idea is to leave you wanting more ?

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alt="patisserie gastel paris"

Prices range from 4,50€ to 5,50€ for a sweet treat and 3,90€ for a G spot.

102 rue La Fayette
75010 Paris
01 42 47 19 56
Open Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 7:30 PM

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