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1 Grumalt="Pascade Paris"I’ve been puzzled by Pascade for a while. In a country where the cuisine, however great it is, sometimes has a hard time finding new avenues to express itself, this brand new way to make crepes seemed baffling.
So we went for lunch and had a few of these crepes. The location is great, only a few steps away Madeleine, and the inside is not disappointing: wood and raw material gave to the restaurant a very modern atmoshpere.
So what the heck is a pascade crepe? It’s an Aveyron specialty, crepe-like thin soufflé with caramelized edges. It comes with original fillings and the chef makes them sweet and salty depending on whether you get it as a main or a dessert.  Pascade has been re-invented by  Alexandre Bourdas, a brilliant French Chef who also owns Sa Qua Na. All in all, we really enjoyed our meal at Pascade but it’s very specialized in one speciality.

Salted pascade crepe coming with duck tenderloins. The pascade contained duck, terrine of foie gras, and salad with light creamy sauce. It was delightful and very fresh.
Yet, without the crepe this dish would lack of texture: there was much more salade leaves than duck in our plate. In other words, a delicious salad, but nothing thrilling enough to get goose (or even duck) bumps.

alt="Pascade Salade"

Dessert was just okay. We shared the vanilla ice-cream scoop, sweet crust, mango marmelade and banana mousse.
It looked mouthwatering, but the result was more disappointing. Mango and banana isn’t the best combo for sure. We found it a bit sickening!

alt="Pascade crepe"

All in all, Pascade isn’t a really good deal, but reasonably priced for the Opera/Madeleine neighbourhood: €19 for the salted pascade crepe and €10 for the dessert.
Le Grumeau recommends Pascade if you want to try something new, but keep in mind this restaurant is super specialized and that princes are kinda steep. However service was very friendly and professional.
To know more about menus and hours at Pascade, click here.

14, rue Daunou
75002 Paris
01 42 60 11 00

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