La Palmeraie, a sumptuous meal in a georgous setting


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pinede1Gigaro is only a few minutes by car from St-Tropez and the ride is entirely worth it if you stop at La Palmeraie. We had dinner there a few months ago, under the palm trees, overlooking the beautiful provençal landscape.


Things got quickly serious with the celeriac in remoulade, cherry tomatoes and olives. Celeriac remoulade is a popular French appetizer, but you alsmost never find it in fine dining restaurants. It’s more of a family style dish. This was one greatly executed and we loved the seasoning.


The veal was perfectly cooked, coming with a sort of golden crust on the outside while the inside was very tender. It combined well with the Dauphine potatoes and the origano dressing. The Scorpion fish might be the most horrid fish on earth (or in the sea) but it’s also one of the most tasty. The fleshy texture was not very pleasant but I’ve rarely tasted such a fresh and flavorful fish.

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For dessert, the chocolate lava cake is a safe bet. It’s well executed, nothing too suprising but we felt tired of trying out creative and somewhat hispterish desserts which could turn out to be disastrous sometimes.

La Palmeraie is a restaurant with great assets, its most attractive being the incredible location. The chef doesn’t take too many risks with his cuisine, it’s not ultra creative but it works pretty well all in all. And don’t forget to book a stay at the great hotel. You won’t regret it.



Plage de Gigaro
83420 Gigaro
+33 4 94 55 15 15


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