2 Grumalt="Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Seville"A week-end in Sevilla is a great idea to take advantage of the incredible Andalucia.
For many travelers visiting Spain, Andalucia is the quintessence of the country. Sevilla, the capital of Andalucia, is not to be missed.
We loved wandering into Sevilla’s pedestrian-zone and enjoyed tasting delicious tapas, but this is not our matter here. Today, we’ll talk about a wonderful hotel in Sevilla, El Palacio de Villapanes.

Located in the heart of the city, which is great if you don’t stay for too long, the Palacio de Villapanes has an intimidating frontage but the patio inside is much more welcoming
The decor is tastefully decorated and no details have been spare. It has been revamped with brilliant colors and a sense of modern freshness.

alt="Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Seville"

There’s also a small library inside the Palacio de Villapanes, it’s painted in warm blue tones and we wanted to stay there forever, reading books and forget about the heat outside. But we didn’t come all the way from France to lock ourselves in a library.

alt="Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Seville"

After climbing the stairs leading to the rooftop, a marvellous swimming pool appeared to us. The panorama on Sevilla is breathtaking. The only thing is that the pool is somewhat small and looks more like a bathtub. We’re a bit too demanding probably!

alt="Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Seville"

The rooms themselves didn’t disappoint us. We had a large deluxe bedroom (€300/night). It’s simply gigantic, very luminous and we loved the large windows overlooking the patio.
Nothing to complain regarding the bed and the general cleanliness of the room. Our bedroom at the Palacio de Villapanes also included a large walk in closet and a bathroom with a marble bathtub and a shower.

alt="Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Seville"

The Palacio de Villapanes represents the ultimate in comfort.
I almost forgot the most important detail, the bedroom included A/C which is not an option when it’s 90°C Fahrenheit outside.

alt="Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Seville"

alt="Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Seville"

It’s not cheap but it’s really a great hotel which is worth it, and we loved the modern touch it brought in such an historic city. The hotel also gave out a very peaceful feeling, which is rewarding because Sevilla can be somehow oppressive sometimes.
The staff was perfect, nothing to complain except for the welcome desk people who were a bit sloppy at first.

alt="Hotel Palacio de Villapanes Seville"

Calle Santiago, 31
41003 Sevilla, Espagne
+34 954 50 20 63

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