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1 GrumNoodies is yet another Thai food joint added in the mix of Hell’s Kitchen. The menu is simple with just enough variation from your standard Thai restaurant to make it interesting.
The staff was very nice with us, a bit pressing but let’s face it, it was 10pm and people were still waiting outside for a table.
alt="Noodies Hell's Kitchen"The decor at Noodies is quite funky with a wall fully decorated with different shapes of bowls, and nice paintings on the other one. I found the seating was slighlty cramped with limited space between each table, but New-York is New-York.

As usual, le Grumeau liked to keep it light with alcohol. But we went with a delicous yuzu lemonade and a flavorful jasmine iced tea. Not too sweet, which is memorable in the U.S.

We ordered a generous portion of dumplings ($4,5), they were nice and doughy just as we liked them. The pork filling was flavorful and complimented by the dough. Only complaint was with the soy sauce which seemed like it was overdue.
To make us feel good, we shared some vegetables tempura ($4,5). It was light and crispy, and nothing came out too greasy.

alt="Noodies NYC"

alt="Noodies Tempura"

Back to real business. My partner had the Pad Thai ($9). It’s hard to go wrong with a Pad Thai in New-York, this one was well-executed. Definitely not the best we’ve ever tasted but nothing to complain about.

alt="Noodies Pad Thai"I went with the Beef & Oyster sauce ($10): strips of marinated beef seared in a wok, tossed with charred green broccoli, with a sweet garlic and ginger-scented oyster sauce. It came with rice. I was more convinced by the Pad Thai, maybe because I’m less used to the strong oyster sauce taste.
I expect the noodles soups to be delicious, but I will have to go back to try them to be sure. Nothing really tempting for dessert and to be honest we were already filled.

alt="Noodies Beef"

We’ll defintely be coming back to Noodies, it really stands out in an area which is vastly saturated with Thai restaurants. Overall, it was a great experience and very inexpensive. Recommended!

830 9th Ave
(entre 55th St et 54th St)
New York, NY 10019
(646) 669-7828

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