Neva Cuisine, my dad had recommended me this “exquisite” restaurant near the Gare Saint Lazare at least a dozen times. If I was surprised to find him having lunch there the day I decided to try Neva for the first time? Maybe the restaurant had become his favourite spot. No matter, in the end it was clearly sound advice he gave me.
We picked the lunch menu and started off with complementary watermelon and sesame: refreshing but not stunning.

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It’s not in our habits to skip the first course, but that day we both ordered the cod fish back. It came with a surprising risotto made of pasta called “birds’ beaks” in French as their shape are pretty similar to grains of rice. Interesting. Disregard the annoying tendency of trendy bistro, including Neva Cuisine, which put salad leaves everywhere for no purpose. Just enjoy the dish, it was almost perfect. The fish was tasteful and not overcooked. The “risotto” was a hit, very soft and full of flavors.

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Desserts are too often disappointing in this kind of bistro. But le Neva has no reason to envy the most famous pastry chefs. Yannick Tranchant, ex-la Grande Cascade, made us outstanding desserts. First, the vacherin-style pina colada was surprisingly delicious. The meringue contained a a flavourful pina colada sorbet. Besides, there was a light vanilla cream and a stunning mango coulis. The dessert won the Lebey best dessert award last year. Just saying.
Banana ice-cream, shortbread biscuit (super crunchy) and dome-shaped dark chocolate. I opted for something more childish but no less delightful.

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alt="apricot pana cotta"Apricot pana cottas. No, we did not ordered a second dessert: the apricot pana cottas were brought complimentary with the check. After the amazing desserts we just had, it was impossible to decline!
What about the price? The lunch menu (main-dessert) comes up at €30, not really a deal but for such a meal, Neva’s prices were definitely not excessive. The setting was not fancy but all in all very nice.
Now, Parisians and tourists have a good reason to wander in this quiet neighbourhood near the Gare Saint Lazare. We’ll definetely come back to this great restaurant.

2 Rue de Berne
75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 45 22 18 91

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