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2 GrumThe orange tart at Mulot is the star of the show, it easily feeds four stocky people for €15. Don’t expect our typical smooth and creamy orange filling. Not all tarts are created equals. On a sunny week-end afternoon, we stopped by Mulot stunning pastry shop in St-Germain des Prés and sneaked inside, yielding to a sudden orange tart craving. Everything inside is sublime and Mulot pastry creations are true visual feast. The macarons he makes will probably worth a review in the future. I have yet to explore the full menu, this will take some time!
Back to Mulot orange tart. The biscuit reminded me of a sablé, very flat and filled with a dense orange preparation that comes close to a fantastic orange marmalade with preserved oranges chunks. It might look less appealing than your usual orange pie which often comes with very sweet cream filling, but this tart is a real hit as I love tarts that are not too sweet.

mulot pastry paris

If you want to know more about Gerard Mulot, the pastry shop full menu or the opening hours click here. Le Grumeau also recommends you the apple tart and the lemon tart which are more traditional but nonetheless amazing. The tart is not cheap, but that is true with most of the pastry shops in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

76 Rue de Seine
75006 Paris
(+33) (0)1 43 26 85 77

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