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2 GrumThe cereal milk is one of the crazy creations (like the crack pie or the compost cookie) of Christina Tosi, chef at Milk Bar, the bakery which was founded by the owner of Momofuku, David Chang.
She’s managed to bring the morning breakfast combo into various pastries, drinks and ice-creams. Brilliant idea.

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We tried the soft serve version: this ice-cream had a frozen yogourt-like consistency and tasted divine. It was the best thing to beat the heat in NYC. The flavor of the corn flakes was concentrated and was an ideal match with the creaminess of the ice-cream. The cornaflakes crunch topping was delicious.
The cereal milk shake was very fresh and the flavor of the corn flakes was not too strong.
The idea of the cereal milk is awesome and reminds me of my childhood breakfast, when I drank the milk of my Frosties bowl. If you stop by the Milk Bar, you definitely need to try it!

For more information about hours, locations and menus at Milk Bar, click here.

251 East 13th Street
New York, NY 10003

Other locations: Upper West Side; Midtown; Williamsburg; Carroll Gardens.

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