Fading expectations, we tried the Fantastik cake by MICHALAK


A FuirMichalak is supposed to be the best French pastry chef (he was pastry world champion in 2005 after all). Needless to say we had quite a lot of expectations when we headed to his pastry shop in Paris located in the 10th arrondissement, the most hip neighborhood these days.
We got inside and quickly noticed the choice of pastries was pretty limited. Happily enough, there was one Fantastik remaining. The Fantastik is Michalak new signature cake, priced at €30 each. It better be amazing. We also had a Kosmik, which is a sort of verrine including chocolate mousse, whipped cream and bananas. Everything went atrociously bad from this point. It was pouring outside so we asked for a bag to protect our beloved pastries, but the bag is priced €5 at Michalak pastry shop. I’m not exactly stingy but look, everybody in Paris has not been bailed out by some Qatar financial fund.

alt="michalak faubourg poissonniere"

Once at home, we first gave a shot at the Fantastik which is nothing more than an dacquoise biscuit (orange blossom and hazelnuts) topped by whipped cream and hazelnut spread spheres. I loved the aesthetic but the taste didn’t quite live up to what we were expecting. For the same price, you could have a wonderful Paris-Brest at Jacques Génin or delicate Grand Cru Vanille at la Pâtisserie des Rêves. Same goes with the Kosmik, it was good but not worthy of a five stars pastry chef.
Come on Michalak! It’s not because you’re out of the Plaza Athénée now that you need to feel obliged to make tasteless trendy pastries (just like you disappointed us with your choux à la crème a few weeks ago). It’s time to wake up, chef.

60 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
75010 Paris
Quartier : Cadet/Poissonnière/Grands Boulevards


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