The MEATBALL SHOP by Michael Chernow, is it worth all the hype?


1 GrumOpening a restaurant serving almost exclusively meatballs is a bold move (who said everybody in New York was getting vegan?) but it’s been a huge success so far for Michael Chernow, the founder of the Meatball Shop. We’ve been very pleasantly surprised by this new concept.
The decor is neat, we loved the tiled bar and the vintage tools. Once sited, we shared a bowl of beef meatballs with a traditional tomato sauce. The meat wasn’t too dry, which was my biggest fear, and the sauce was well executed. Nothing amazing but it worked well.
Michael Chernow and his business partner made a good job at managing the Meatball Shop as they’ve just opened two other locations apart from the Lower East Side (in the West Village and in Williamsburg).

84 Stanton St
New York, NY 10002
Other locations: West Village and Williamsburg

alt="Meatball shop new york"

alt="Meatball shop new york"


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