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1 GrumWe were fed up of eating Mexican food on the go, eating only burritos out of food trucks can be somewhat depressing after a while. So we went to Mesa Coyoacan, after passing by this place for months, we finally made it. From the outside, you can’t miss this strange builing which looks if it has fallen from the sky, straight to Graham Avenue.
The name is hard to pronounce but it did not scare us from going in. Inside, the decor of this Mexican eatery is rather authentic, with a hint of art-deco, retro style. My local Mexican taqueria doesn’t really compare with this. But what about the food?

alt="Mesa Coyoacan Brooklyn"

Tacos de carnitas. They brought us the tacos so fast that I was a bit sceptic about the quality.
But the meat was tender, and the marinade quite flavorful as well. Hands down, it was the best beef taco I’d ever had. You should definitely have a try if you pass by Graham Avenue one of these days and have a sudden craving for good tacos.

alt="Mesa Coyoacan Tacos" My French pal went for a generous plate of huevos rancheros. She’s fond of this classic of the Mexican brunch which is so hard to find in Paris.
The egg yolk was a bit overcooked, and she found the tomato sauce uber-generous: the sides were litteraly soaked in the sauce. But she loved the delicious black beans and the rice nonetheless.

alt="Mesa Coyoacan Huevos Rancheros" I didn’t indulge myself with one of the traditional Mexican desserts on the menu. There was nothing really seducing and to be honest, we’re not big fans of Mexican sweets.
Staff is capable and charming, but we were lucky the place was empty so they were all for us. If you’re looking for a real Mexican atmosphere, have a try on their coktails specials every night.
For more information about hours and the menu at Mesa Coyoacan, click here.

72 Graham Avenue (between Skillman and Conselyea)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
+1 718-782-8171

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