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2 GrumFrederic Vaucamps makes strange tall cakes with meringue and chocolate shavings. He calls them Merveilleux, and they’re actually quite impressive. It’s hard to compare the Merveilleux de Fred to traditional precisely decorated French pastries made by Genin or Laduree, but it’s rerally worth a visit. Where can you buy such a Merveilleux? Fred has opened four stores in Paris, five in the rest of France, and one in Belgium. What was very fascinating was to admire them making the cakes behind the counter, quite an experience.
They also make mini versions of the Merveilleux (you can have 9 small ones for only €13), which is good for those who want to try different flavors.

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Fred makes different flavors ranging from caramel to speculoos. We really liked the Incroyable (white chocolate/speculoos) and the Magnifique (praline); it’s light, crispy and not as sweet as I was expecting. My pal is not as fond of the Merveilleux as I am as he found they lack of texture (maybe he’s the who lacks subtility).
What’s the price of a Merveilleux? We paid about €20 for six people which is a very good deal for such a good pastry. Fred also just opened a shop in London where he sells tons of Merveilleux to our fellow Britons.
To find more about the different cakes, the hours of the stores and their locations, click here ici.

7, rue de Tocqueville
75017 Paris
Other locations in Paris : 7ème, 15ème and 16ème arrondissements.

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