A lunch at CAFÉ FRANÇAIS in Paris, they (re)took La Bastille


1 Grumalt="cafe français bastille"About a year ago, the Beaumarly Group, specialized in the hospitality industry, decided to take over le Café Francais located place de la Bastille and have India Madhavi make a a whole new design (remember we noticed her great skills at  Thoumieux by Jean-François Piège). But you don’t change a reputation with a new decor, so they decided to improve the menu. We stopped at Le Café Français for lunch and gave a try at the menu. The marinated salmon was well done, I like the marinade though I found it slightly too salty.
Then I had a well executed Café Français salad bowl: refreshing with interesting textures though it was not memorable. My friend had the rump of veal coming with morels and amazing mashed potatoes. The meat was well cooked, very tender in the inside which is always appreciable.
We finished up our meal with a revisited version of the Paris-Brest. The shape looked a lot like a baguette, the choux pastry was well done but the cream was slightly too light (a Paris-Brest praline cream should be somewhat dense) but the ballet dancers at the Opera Bastille must prefer it like that I guess.
It was a very good lunch all in all. If you’re looking for more sophisticated bistro food in the neighborhood, you should head to Les Enfants Rouges which we liked a lot.

3 Place de la Bastille
75004 Paris
01 40 29 04 02
Quartier : Bastille/Canal Saint-Martin/Garde Lyon


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alt="cafe français bastille"

alt="cafe français bastille"


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