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1 GrumLocated in East Williamsburg, Lula Bean is this kind of coffee shop you can only find in Brooklyn. We really enjoy our cup of coffee here when we want to escape the usual Williamsburg hipster crowd.
The space is small but the baristas are not those depressive ones you meet in Starbucks and they make good coffee — that’s why they’re baristas, after all. Le Grumeau will also be back for the lively atmosphere and the vintage vibe of the furniture.

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Last time we stopped by Lula Bean we gave a try to their cinammon cake and enjoyed it. Moist and spicy. We ordered a mint iced tea as well, very refreshing and aromatic. If you’re hungry for something salty Lula Bean features sandwiches, paninis and soups on the menu.
We were lazy and stayed there for hours to relax —  unfortunately in Parisian cafés, you’re usually kicked out once you’ve finished what you ordered. Not stress here at Lula Bean! It’s not really a typical hipster cafe as the others you’ll find in Williamsburg. There’s not that many places to grab a coffee on Grand Street, we found a good one at least.

alt="Lula Bean cinnamon cake"

797 Grand St (between Humboldt St et Bushwick Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 599-5852

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