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1 GrumOn our way back from a long stroll in the Gers, a beautiful region in the south west of France, we couldn’t resist from stopping in Lannepax and have a meal at Les Caprices d’Antan. It seems like it’s nothing but regulars in this restaurant. The staff was extremely nice, the two waitresses couldnt’ do enough to make our meal outstanding.
The menu at les Caprices d’Antan is dedicated to local cuisine: I went with the wild boar and sauce chasseur, while my pal had the Spanish loin meat.

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The boar was well cooked, it had been a while since I tasted the distinct flavor of boar meat for the last time. It’s true that it’s hard to find any restaurant that carries wild boar in Paris.
The sauce chasseur is a traditional French sauce made with butter mushrooms, shallots, tomatoes and white wine. As you can expect it’s incredibly rich and onctuous. It matches perfectly the strong flavor of wild boar meat.

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The Spanish loin course was also well executed, it’s very tender on the inside and cripsy on the outside. The only thing is that the meat is quite fat, so I hope you’re not some type of gastronomically impaired people suffering from the fat-free-diet-disorder.
There were a few vegetables on the side, it seemed the chef only tossed them right out of the saucepan, without preparation. But we didn’t came here for the sophistication.

alt="Les Caprices d'Antan Gers" We thought the Caprices d’Antan was all about tradition, an ancestral cuisine  with generous portions. But the desserts menu offers a great contrast. It brings a surprising touch of creativity.
I went with the geranium scented creme brulee. The texture of the creme is great and the caramel crust is perfectly executed. But the problem was the artificial geranium flavor which reminded me of some dishwashing flavor.

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My friend had a warmed chocolate lava cake. Nothing surprising on the face of it. But the real surprise was inside as they added sparkling sugar. It gives an interesting kick to the cake but you could feel it was not first quality chocolate.

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Despite the somewhat disappointing desserts, you cannot really complain as the price tag does not reach too high at the Les Caprices d’Antan. The lunch menu comes up for only $19 during the week.  The staff is efficient and very warm.
To know mores bout the prices, hours of opening or to book a table click here.

Place de la Mairie
32190 Lannepax
05 62 65 76 92

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