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1 GrumL’Ebauchoir is a French bistro we’d like to encounter more often in Paris. Located not far from the marché d’Aligre, one of my favorite food markets in Paris, I’ve been wanting to have lunch there for ages. The menu at l’Ebauchoir is typical of a French bistro (terrines, saucy mains and other delicacies).
The space inside is huge, but we had the chance to get a table outside so why not taking advantage of the last sun beams in Paris. The staff at l’Ebauchoir was not really warm nor welcoming, but we hoped the cuisine would make up for that.

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We started off with the asparagus and mozzarella di bufala. The asparagus were sliced raw with a mandolin which makes a nice visual effect. And the combination of the crunchy asparagus with the soft mozzarella is quite something too.
The seasoning is really close to perfection, slightly tangy with freshly sliced herbs and a hint of olive oil. That was essential because the mozzarella was lacking flavor to be honest: it smelled more like my corner supermarket than the Italian valleys.

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Then I had the lamb saddle, coming with a sweet potatoes puree and vegetables. The lamb was well cooked, slightly pink inside as I like it. But the side is more deceiving, the sweet potatoes puree is too sweet and rich, which overwhelms the whole dish.
The sauce was exemplary, the kind you want to soak your bread in. Big mistake because the bread was far from fresh at l’Ebauchoir which is really blameful in a country where fresh bread is not an option.

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I had the pollack, coming with Mediterranean style vegetables. A great bistro dish. The fish is perfectly cooked and the portion is generous.
The vegetables were not sliced fine enough for me and the tomato flavor was too intese in the sauce. But I’m really quibbling here because I still cleared my plate and almost asked for more to the waiter.

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All in all we recommend you to stop by l’Ebauchoir, it’s not great cuisine and we deeply regret a few approximations but we found good French cuisine with a hint of inventiveness at a good bargain. The most hungry will go for a dessert but honestly that day it was too much for us. We failed.

Appetizers are around €15, mains are around €20 and desserts are less than €10. If you want to know more about the menu, opening hours and booking at l’Ebauchoir, click here.

43 Rue de Cîteaux
75012 Paris
01 43 42 49 31

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