A week-end getaway in Amboise: let’s sleep at LE CHOISEUL


1 GrumFinding an authentic hotel in the Loire Valley, among the beautiful castles, is not as easy as one could expect. Spring is here and visiting the Chateaux de la Loire is a great week-end idea.
We went to the hotel Le Choiseul, which is ideally located close to the Loire, not far from Amboise. The staff was warm and welcoming. The decoration in the rooms was somewhat old-fashioned but that was exactly what we were looking for (sometimes you’re just tired of design hotels).
The price tag is not discouraging though, it goes from €120 to €400 depending on the room you ask for.

36 Quai Charles Guinot
37400 Amboise
02 47 30 45 45

alt="week end amboise hotel"

alt="week end amboise hotel"

alt="week end amboise hotel"


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