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1 GrumWhen you get in l’Arôme, it doesn’t seem surprising why this restaurant has a one Michelin star rating: a beautiful decoration, an appealing menu and a delicious foie gras amuse to start with. But the reality is slightly different, not to say that the food was not good but at the same time not amazing.
First disappointment, the staff was not very professional in the way they handled our reservation, giving us a table that was not really appropriate.


Let’s forget about that and start with the crab, avocado and tomato flavored broth. I first thought the flavors of the crab would be overwhelmed by the tomato broth but it added a tangy fresh twist to dish. Nothing to say about the crab meat, it was very well seasoned and fresh.

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My own appetizer at l’Arôme was nothing but a combination of colors and flavors. Tomato and burrata make a great combo, it’s not a secret. But here, it’s in a creative way as they are beech smoked. I was a bit reluctant once again, thinking that a smoked burrata would overkill the delicate flavor of the cheese but it was surprisingly well done.

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Then my pal had chicken oysters, coming with fregola sarda (a type of pasta often compared to Israeli couscous) and gnocchi. Chicken oysters are the best part of the chicken, and the French word, sot l’y laisse, literally means “only the idiot leaves it” (who said French have no taste of humor?).
The portion was very generous and we loved the creamy sensation. Our only regret was the lack of vegetable since the combination of meat and pasta makes the dish quite heavy.

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Bis repetita with the fregola sarda. But it was prepared in a different way, like a seafood risotto. Every time I plunged my fork, new ingredients would come up: green peas, calamari, gambas and generous portions of turbot.
I finished it off with my spoon. The whole dish is very tender, but the Chef spiced it up nicely with a touch of saffron.

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The desserts didn’t live up to our expectations. I had a fraisier, which is a traditonnal French strawberry cake, but the Chef added his personal twist as it came out with nitrogen smoke. Despite the visual effect, the result wasn’t really worth it.
The dessert was made up of a vanilla flavored cream, a strawberry sauce and slices of strawberries. But there was no biscuit (unlike the traditional version) and the dessert lacked of texture.

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I had a pistachio soufflé, which was not such a disappointment. The pistachio flavor is present and not artificial while the souffle was very aerial. My only regret, I wish the pistachio was more intense.

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We have had better meals than l’Arôme for much less, though the food was very good and there aren’t that many choices in the neighborhood if you want to celebrate a special occasion. I’d recommend you to get there for lunch as the dinner bill did make my eyes water (€90 for each guest, drinks not included).

For more information about the menu, opening hours and booking at l’Arôme, click here.

3 Rue Saint-Philippe du Roule
75008 Paris
01 42 25 55 98

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